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Katie Schroeder


Journalist Product Managera month ago

Conserving Space through Home Organization

The messy apartment is calling my name. 

It’s like I can hear the dirty laundry whispering from the basket, ‘wash meeee!’ 

And my chaotic closet is in the back of my mind, a wild combination of clean laundry, fallen hangers and other clutter. 

With summer nearly over, I am feeling the urge to organize my living space a little more than usual. I don’t want to throw things in random drawers and shove them places I will never see them again, preferably, I would like to get rid of some things and organize the rest of it. 

 So, I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling a similar urge or, even better, has a few tips on how to declutter/organize closets, drawers, etc.

  • What are your organizing tips?
  • Are there any space conserving containers/other organization products which helped you?
  • Do you know of any places in the Fergus Falls area that I can get containers for organizing?
  • Any tips from longtime homeowners or housekeepers on what you didn’t regret getting rid of?