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Katie Schroeder

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Journalist Product Manager15 days ago

What's your favorite local business?

I visited Cally's Café and Coffee for lunch today and enjoyed a really great cup of coffee. The atmosphere at Cally's has always been pleasant and bustling every time I have visited, the rain outside made for an even cozier mood. Also, the tuna melt sandwich was delicious.

My visit made me wonder what other local businesses around Fergus Falls I have been missing out on. I am a little new to all that Fergus Falls has to offer and I am wondering what other restaurants or other businesses I should check out.

  • What are your favorite places to eat in Fergus Falls?
  • Do you have any favorite local restaurants or other businesses?
  • Local business owners, what do you love about running a business in the Fergus Falls community?
  • What do you appreciate about local businesses?